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Homeless Assistance


Emergency shelters are usually temporary shelters for a short term of stay of approximately six weeks. The emergency shelters also provide services. The shelter is run nightly and allows walk-ins. The provider running the shelter usually assumes the cost of the stay.

Transitional shelters are temporary shelters for families and individuals with terms of stay of approximately 24 months. The shelter also provides services. The cost to stay in a transitional shelter depends on the shelter you are applying to, but generally is based on the size of the unit you occupy and your monthly income.

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If you would like to report a homeless encampment or issue on State property, please contact the Governor’s Coordinator on Homelessness: Scott Morishige. You can either call 586.0193 or email


If you would like to report a homeless encampment or issue on City & County property, please contact the City & County of Honolulu Homeless Complaints Department: Direct Line 768-4194, Hotline 768-3585, or via their website

(Emergency and Transitional Shelter)

Oahu Homeless Helpline: (808) 791-9359 or

Individuals wishing to help someone who is homeless can contact The Waikiki Health Center at the number above. They will need information on the homeless person you would like assisted. After a report is made, an outreach team will be assigned to visit the person. Emails and calls can be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emails are preferred. Please provide:  

  • Location and time when the homeless individual is known to frequent the area

  • A detailed description of the individual or group

  • Your contact information


Care-A-Van Outreach, Main: 922-4790

      Medical appointments: 791-9308

Next Step Shelter:  Pier One, off Forrest Ave. in Kakaako, Honolulu

      Main: 585.8800

  • Emergency shelter for families, couples and individuals

  • Referrals for medical care

  • Behavioral Health

  • Tobacco Cessation Treatment

  • Eligibility assistance

  • Job training and placement assistance

  • Housing placement assistance


Youth Outreach: 415 Keoniana Street, Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: 791-9366

Drop-In Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Teen Clinic Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

The Youth Outreach (YO) program provides medical and social services to homeless youth, 14-21 years old. YO serves as a safe haven for homeless youths, offering medical care, social services and non-judgmental support. Appointments are not necessary; patients may walk-in for services. Medical and social services are free.

IHS, The Institute for Human Services, Inc. (Emergency Shelter)

  • Kaaahi Service Center: 808-447-2800

  • Sumner Service Center: 808-447-2900

  • Kaamahu Service Center: 808-447-2862

IHS Women and Families Facilities

546 Kaaahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96817 Phone: (808) 845-7052 Fax (808) 845-7190

IHS Men’s Facility

350 Sumner Street, Honolulu, HI 96817 Phone: (808) 537-2724 Fax (808) 845-7190

  • Emergency Services: Meals, shelter, showers and hygiene supplies, triage and referral phone and mail service, clothing, access to laundry facilities.

  • Health Care: General health screenings at on-site clinics located at both shelters through Kalihi Palama Health Care urgent medical services, vaccinations

  • Support Services: Specialized Case management, Housing placement, mental health support, substance abuse outreach, budgeting and financial management.

  • Education & Employment: Adult education classes, job search skills, life-skills instruction.

  • Special Support: Legal consultation through Legal Aid, onsite substance abuse treatment and referral, Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous, Headstart for toddlers, and parenting education.

(Transitional Shelter)  

Singles: (808) 946-8063

Families: (808) 522-0541

Working Families: (808) 947-7181

Elderly: (808) 599-5759

Housing Solutions’ 700 apartments of transitional and long-term affordable housing proves a way for residents to escape poverty. Most require applicants to work at least 19 hours a week. Please see website for full details.

Homeless Veteran Assistance
Barbers Point

Veterans Seeking Housing 630.0771

Veterans Seeking Employment Assistance 330.5566

Veterans Seeking other Services 286.5867

Barbers Point at Kalaeloa provides affordable, long-term, supportive housing for veterans. This site supports the U.S.VETS signature work re-entry program, Veterans in Progress.


Veterans Seeking Housing
Robert Woolfolk
808.664.1400 x 6775

Veterans Seeking Employment Assistance
Howard Abraham

Veterans Seeking Other Services
Robert Woolfolk
808.664.1400 x 6775

Waianae Civic Center is the only U.S.VETS location that provides services to both veterans, civilians and their families.

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