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Kaiaka Bay Watershed-based Plan

Kaiaka Bay photo.PNG

Land-based pollutants are one of the major factors impairing the health of Hawaiʻi’s watersheds and coral reefs. On the North Shore of Oʻahu, six watersheds that cover over 50,000 acres of land drain into Kaiaka Bay and are referred to as the “Kaiaka Bay Watersheds.”


The Kaiaka Bay Watershed-Based Plan consists of two volumes: Volume 1: Watersheds Characterization, which describes the watersheds in terms of physical and natural features, land uses, water quality issues, and sources of pollution; and Volume 2: Implementation Plan, which outlines the key actions and projects necessary to improve water quality in the watersheds, as well as provides guidelines for evaluating and monitoring progress. Please click the links for the reports.

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