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Deal Struck to Sell Turtle Bay Resort to New York Firm

October 19, 2017

A New York-based real estate investment firm has struck a deal to buy the Turtle Bay Resort.

'Black hole'? Senate approves rail bailout, but not without debate

August 30, 2017

Boondoggle. Budget-busting. Black hole. Those are some of the ways state senators described Oahu's troubled rail line Wednesday as they debated whether to pass a bill that would generate nearly $2.4 billion to bail out the project.

Campaign calls to 'relocate the turtles' as frustration grows over Laniakea gridlock

June 21, 2017

North shore residents are fed up that nothing is being done to fix the heavy traffic near the famous "Turtle Beach" at Laniakea. Now, a campaign is shifting blame for the congestion to the turtles. 

Denby Fawcett: Hawaii Pushes For More Tourists At All Costs

June 20, 2017

The tourism industry is showing little concern for the impact increasing numbers of visitors has on residents and communities.

Proposal would make ohia the state tree

February 04, 2017

Click the image to read the Hawaii Tribune Herald article on Senator Riviere's bill, SB697, that would make the Ohia tree the official State Tree of Hawaii.

Why HB2501 Should be defeated - A Parable

May 03, 2016

Please click the image below to read Senator Riviere's commentary published on Civil Beat regarding why he believes HB2501 should be defeated.

Senators keen to buy Dole land

April 08, 2016

A trio of state senators wants the state to buy about 8,000 acres of Dole Food Co. land between Central Oahu and the North Shore to preserve the property for agriculture — angling to earmark more than $107 million in next year’s budget to complete the purchase.

Turtle Bay Mauka Conservation Agreement

April 04, 2016

Officials with federal, state, and county government, as well as private non‐profit organizations today announced they have recorded a Grant of Conservation Easement that permanently protects 468 acres of productive farmland in Kahuku on Oahu’s North Shore. This momentous effort was the result of collaboration between the private landowners of Turtle Bay Resort, The Trust for Public Land, the North Shore Community Land Trust, the City and County of Honolulu, the State of Hawai‘i and the United States Army. With the makai conservation effort that closed in October 2015, over 1,200 acres of North Shore land are now permanently protected from future development. Please click the image below for the full press release.

Waipilopilo Stream Bridge Replacement

March 15, 2016

The State of Hawaii Dept. of Transportation is preparing a Draft Environmental Assessment that will examine the impacts of replacing the Waipilopilo Stream Bridge in Hauula, Oahu. The public is welcome to provide written comments to the project manager through April 15; you can email Mr. James Fu at to provide your comments. For more information, please click on the image below.

Sharks Cove Village Development

January 21, 2016

Please click the image to see the KITV 4 Island News story on the Sharks Cove Village Development.

Turtle Bay Conservation Easement Gov. Ige Press Release

October 23, 2015

The Turtle Bay Conservation Easement became official today. Please click on the image to see Gov. Ige's statement.

Turtle Bay Conservation Easement Senator Riviere Press Release

October 23, 2015

The Turtle Bay Conservation Easement became official today. Please click on the image to see Senator Riviere's statement.

Espero Conversation: Special Guest Sen. Gil Riviere

October 23, 2015

Senator Will Espero invited me to be a guest on his show, Espero Conversation. Please click the image to watch the show.

Haleiwa Harbor

October 16, 2015

Please click on the image to see the Hawaii News Now story about the lack of harbor agents at Haleiwa Harbor.

Waialua Elementary Town Hall Meeting: Clean Water and Pesticides

September 29, 2015

Please click the image to watch the September 29, 2015 Town Hall Meeting on Cesspools, Storm Water Run-off, and Pesticides.

BLNR Approves Turtle Bay Conservation

September 25, 2015

Please click the image to see the Hawaii News Now story on the BLNR approval of the Turtle Bay Conservation.


August 26, 2015

Please click on the image to watch the Hawaii News Now story on Laniakea.

The Sweet Life: Living in Kahuku's Plantation Village

August 18, 2015

Mahalo to the Kahuku Library for hosting the Plantation Village Talk Story at their library! You can watch "The Sweet Life: Living in Kahuku's Plantation Village, with Junior Primacio & Buddy Ako" on Olelo TV by clicking the image.

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