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A & B Water Permits

Over the last century, Alexander and Baldwin (A&B) built and expanded an impressive irrigation system to divert hundreds of millions of gallons of water daily (mgd) from east Maui to their sugar plantation lands in central Maui. The East Maui Irrigation system consists of 388 separate intakes, 24 miles of ditches, and 50 miles of tunnels, as well as numerous small dams, intakes, pipes and flumes. This legacy system draws water from privately owned A&B lands as well as 27 streams that are regulated by the State Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM). Although A&B agreed to release a few million gallons per day into some streams, many other streams remain perpetually dry. The taro farm

Barrier Planning at the DOT

The Hawaii Department of Transportation recently announced its plan to conduct an environmental assessment relating to parking barriers at Laniakea. They identify three safety concerns: Parking maneuvers interfering with the travelling public; Pedestrian crossings conflicting with the travelling public; and Tours/Shuttle bus maneuvers and unlawful parking, and they offer four possible solutions. Traffic volumes continue to increase every year and I wonder if barrier placement several months from now will have the same results it had three years ago. Since the barriers were installed in 2013, cars regularly park all the way from the ranch entrance through Laniakea and Chun’s Beaches, and be

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