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Oahu is Hawaii’s Breadbasket

Most people in Hawaii have heard we import approximately 90% of our food, yet many people may not realize the vast majority of locally‐grown food is grown on Oahu. Hawaii’s two largest produce farms and the majority of mid‐sized farms are located on Oahu. One farm harvests over a million pounds of produce each week. While some farms sell high-end produce to select locations, most produce goes to outlets like Costco, Subway, and other places where we all rely on low‐cost, nutritious food. Oahu farms are productive and remain competitive with imported produce for two reasons. First, they are close to the state’s largest market and population center. Farmers drive their product to market cheapl

Second Crossover

The 2016 Legislative Session is coming around the bend towards the finish line. April 14th is the deadline by which all bills from either the House or Senate must have been approved by both chambers to be considered for passage. This date is known as Second Crossover, after which conference committees of each house hammer out the final form and details. Conference Committee can be the place where good bills are improved, bad bills are made worse and many bills go to die a silent death. I am paying particular attention to two bills at this time: HB2501, Relating to Water Rights, and HB1850 Relating to Taxation. One bill would subvert the state water permit process and the other could pro

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