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The Legislature is in the middle of Conference Committee, a chaotic time when each surviving piece of legislation is amended into its final form or dies in the process. At deadline for this issue, it is too early to know how the big issues like the rail tax, the Airbnb bill, and a new state property tax measure will fare. I would like to take this time to invite readers to watch our monthly cable TV show, Oahu Country News with Senator Gil Riviere, on Olelo Channel 49, or to stream it online at Look under the News & Media tab for the following discussions. Episode 1: Junior Lifeguard Program, with Bryan Phillips Episode 2: Koolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club, with Mahealani Cy

Second Crossover

Second Crossover is here. The thousands of bills introduced in January have now been boiled down to just a few hundred. All bills still in consideration will have been considered and passed by both houses of the Legislature. Most likely, each house has passed a different version of each measure, so representatives from each house will be assigned to negotiate the final draft in the notorious Conference Committees. Conference Committee is where many bills go to die an inglorious death with little explanation. The pace of hearings in the final two weeks is chaotic and it can be difficult for experienced observers to follow all the action. It is painful for everyone who spent the last four

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