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New Outreach Specialist at Kaena Point State Park

In the wake of the horrendous slaughter of albatross in late 2015, I introduced legislation to place educational and enforcement personnel at Kaena State Park. During its hearing in committee, SB3065 helped draw attention to the shortage of enforcement officers throughout Hawaii and drew special attention to the need for active, personal outreach at Kaena Point. Following the 2016 session, the Department of Land and Natural Resources re-allocated funds within its Division of Forestry and Wildlife to hire a new outreach and education specialist for Kaena Point. Jaime Raduenzel is that person. Jaime engages residents and visitors to help them avoid destructive activities such as mud bogging

Owner trying to clean up tenant’s mess

The owner of the agricultural lot that some call the Junk Yard on the Hill has finally regained control of his land and is in the process of trying to clean up the mess left behind by the bearded guy who referred to himself as Santa Claus. It has not been easy and it will not be easy. The eviction case, known as Charles Huang vs. David Douglas Kromer, began on March 8, 2016 with the filing of a complaint for summary possession. After numerous motions and document filings, court appearances, hearings and continuances, the parties agreed to a settlement on September 13, 2016. According to the agreement, Kromer would have 90 days to hold auctions or otherwise dispose of the hundreds of vehicl

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