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Sad State of Highways

It is no secret that portions of the state highways in our district are deplorable. Some of the craters – so big that the term pot hole fails to do them justice – have been truly jarring for many drivers. I needed a new tire after striking one particularly terrible crater near Waimea Bay, and many people might have needed their cars aligned after striking that spot near Police Beach. Mercifully, these two craters were finally repaired. Lately, my office has received calls asking why the DOT was spending time and money to re-paint the lines when the overall condition of the roadway is so bad. When asked, the department responded it was to improve safety. Of course, it is hard to see how

2018 Legislature Wraps Up

What felt like a rather quiet and uneventful legislative session turned out to be rather productive. The 2018 Legislative Session ended on May 3rd with passage of some big initiatives and new policy statements. Homelessness and affordable housing projects received large infusions of money, $125 million was allocated for flooding disaster relief on Kauai and East Honolulu, a new state property tax is up for a public vote in November, and Physician Assisted Suicide passed earlier in the session. In a major move to support affordable housing, the Rental Housing Trust Fund is allotted an additional $200 million. This cash infusion is expected to result in the creation of as many as 1,600 affo

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