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Hints of action at Laniakea?

The number one quality of life issue for much of our North Shore ohana is the lack of progress regarding the daily traffic jams at Laniakea. Barely a day passes when I do not talk about Laniakea traffic with a frustrated resident. Readers of this column have probably noticed this subject is also the most recurring topic. There are two issues, one is short term relief, and the other is long term design. Both projects are mired in the slow-moving world of the Department of Transportation and other government bureaucracy. In December 2013, the DOT installed the parking barriers as a temporary measure. A year and a half later, the court noticed that no effort had been made by DOT to secure t

New Environmental and Energy Legislation

With 200 to 300 measures passing out of the legislature each year, it can be difficult to keep track of what survived the gauntlet and what failed. On many occasions, after several affirmative votes, bills that seem like sure things die quietly on the conference table. Certain bills pass out of the Legislature, only to get vetoed by the Governor. In this article, I will focus on some of the new laws that affect various environmental and energy concerns. Many of these measures passed through the Senate Agriculture and Environment Committee, on which I serve as Vice-Chair, and the Ways and Means, and Water and Land, Committees, on which I serve. The Rate Payer Protection Act calls on the Pu

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