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Resources for New and Small Farms

There are more farms operating in Hawaii today than there were 20 years ago, when some people prematurely declared agriculture dead. The current number of farms in Hawaii is 7000, as compared to 5500 in 1997. Fresh, local food production is rebounding, but still far below where it can and should be. Farmer’s markets make up a small percentage of local food sales, and various restaurants buy fresh local food, too; but a real game changer will come when school lunches are mostly sourced from Hawaii grown food. The school lunch program is, effectively, the largest restaurant in the state. The potential to provide local produce, meat, poultry, milk, and fruit to our school children is huge fo

Oahu Country News

Have you seen Oahu Country News, my monthly cable TV program? Each month, or nearly every month, we invite folks into the studio to have a conversation about the good work they are performing around our district with their organizations and businesses. Senate District 23 stretches from Kaneohe to Kahuku to Kaena and Kunia Camp, so there are plenty of great people and projects to highlight. Over the years, we have featured leaders in land preservation, environmental stewardship, homeless services, Hawaiian cultural resources, affordable workforce housing, junior lifeguards, healthy living and more. Oahu Country News with Senator Gil Riviere is broadcast on Olelo Channel 49 on the first Sund

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