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Devil Weed

An aerial spraying project by the Army to control one of the world’s worst 100 invasive species, Devil Weed, was put on hold until further notice, due to community concerns. The Army was planning to use a small utility helicopter equipped with an extendable boom and spray nozzle covered by cowling to target Devil Weed growing on the cliffs and rough terrain of Kaunala Valley, near the motocross track. The proposed herbicide was Ranger Pro, which contains glyphosate. Community opposition grew rapidly through social media when someone posted that widespread aerial spraying of 900 acres was to occur. Of course, this description conjures up images of blanket crop dusting, which was never the p

Vacation Rental Legislation

A long simmering, contentious issue has finally risen to center stage as both the city council and state legislature passed legislation affecting short term vacation rentals. At deadline for this article, Mayor Caldwell signed Bill 89 into law and Governor Ige announced his intention to veto SB 1292. With few exceptions, every bed and breakfast (B&B) and transient vacation unit (TVU) on Oahu that opened since 1989 is illegal. As many as 8000 to 10,000 TVUs on Oahu advertised on Airbnb, VRBO and other platforms operate outside the law, whether or not they have paid taxes. Bill 89 creates a new permitting process for a limited number of owner-occupied B&Bs, creates reporting requirements for

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