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Technology Changes Everything

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Earlier this month, I attended a national convention and legislative seminar on wireless and broadband technology in Las Vegas. Industry leaders shared the latest innovations in mobile communications and policy recommendations regarding everything from personal health tracking, to indoor GPS-like systems, to regulating drones.

Nearly two-thirds of cellular devices are smart phones and this ratio carries across all income levels. People in lower economic levels are more likely to use their smart phones for all computer activity, including applying for jobs. Every job created in this new technology economy creates an additional six jobs. There seems to be no end in sight for app creation.

The amount of data flying through wireless is astounding. High number UHF television frequencies are being converted to wireless to support this crushing demand and it is no wonder cellular carriers encourage users to connect through wifi whenever possible. Five-G transmission speeds were demonstrated. The faster the data come, the faster we want them. It is clear that rapid advances in wireless technology is changing everything and that the workplace for our youth will be much different from our past.

I am hosting a series of Town Hall meetings around the district. Top officials from the State Departments of Agriculture and Health, and members of Surfrider, are joining me to discuss government oversight and regulation of pesticides, and clean water issues relating to cesspools and storm water runoff.

The Waialua and Hauula Elementary School Town Hall meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. on September 29 and October 1, respectively. If you could not attend, or would like to go back and review the content of these meetings, we will be posting a video recording and related information on our new website,

Best wishes to Antya Miller as she retires from the North Shore Chamber of Commerce after 17 years as Director. Under Antya’s leadership, the Chamber has grown into a vibrant business association and organizes fun annual events. I took my three year old son to the first Haleiwa Christmas Parade in 2002. That little boy is now taller than me and the parade has blossomed, too.

One year, Antya invited me and my family to carry the opening parade banner. That was the year the rain poured especially hard and lightning lit up the night. Some of the parade participants went home and never started; but off we went. My umbrella seemed like a great idea until the sudden claps of thunder and lightning made me flinch. We got absolutely soaked, as did everyone else in the parade and the surprisingly large number of spectators who enjoyed that memorable community celebration.

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