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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The Legislature is in the middle of Conference Committee, a chaotic time when each surviving piece of legislation is amended into its final form or dies in the process. At deadline for this issue, it is too early to know how the big issues like the rail tax, the Airbnb bill, and a new state property tax measure will fare.

I would like to take this time to invite readers to watch our monthly cable TV show, Oahu Country News with Senator Gil Riviere, on Olelo Channel 49, or to stream it online at Look under the News & Media tab for the following discussions.

Episode 1: Junior Lifeguard Program, with Bryan Phillips

Episode 2: Koolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club, with Mahealani Cypher and Rocky Kaluhiwa

Episode 3: 2016 North Shore OceanFest, with Dottie Kelly-Paddock and PJ Ollien

Episode 4: Maunawila Heiau, with Christina Aiu and Rebekah Matagi Walker

Episode 5: North Shore Community Land Trust, with Doug Cole

Episode 6: Paepae O Heeia, with Hiilei Kawelo

Episode 7: Kualoa Ranch, with Taylor Kellerman

Episode 8: Oahu RC&D, with Stephanie Mock and Miranda Foley

Episode 9: Waimea Valley, with Richard Pezzulo

Episode 10: Kalei Kahookele

Episode 11: Kahiau, with Kori Napaa

Episode 12: Hoola Na Pua, with Jessica Munoz and Jody Allione

Episode 13: Kunia Village, with Dave Robichaux

Episode 14: Blue Zones Project - Koolaupoko, with Cherie Andrade

Likewise, if you want to go back and read previous articles published in the North Shore News, or our 2015 annual report, you can also find them under the News & Media tab at We have plenty of other useful links on the website, and we are always interested in ideas for additional resources to post. Please let me know what you think of our website and links.

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