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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Have you seen Oahu Country News, my monthly cable TV program? Each month, or nearly every month, we invite folks into the studio to have a conversation about the good work they are performing around our district with their organizations and businesses. Senate District 23 stretches from Kaneohe to Kahuku to Kaena and Kunia Camp, so there are plenty of great people and projects to highlight.

Over the years, we have featured leaders in land preservation, environmental stewardship, homeless services, Hawaiian cultural resources, affordable workforce housing, junior lifeguards, healthy living and more.

Oahu Country News with Senator Gil Riviere is broadcast on Olelo Channel 49 on the first Sunday of each month at 9 p.m. and on Tuesday mornings at 8 a.m. It is also available on-demand on our website, SenatorRiviere.com, under the News and Media tab. Here is a list and brief description of our most recent programs

E29 – Kathleen Pahinui. Kathleen is the chair of the North Shore Neighborhood Board and has served on many community associations and non-profit organizations.

E28 – Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology. Stan Osserman works in alternative energy development and is go to person in Hawaii for hydrogen fuel cell technology.

E27 – North Shore Chamber of Commerce. Roxanna Jimenez discusses the chamber’s projects, community events and historical preservation efforts.

E26 – Malama Loko Ea Foundation. Rae Decoito leads the foundation’s efforts to restore health and the vitality of this important fish pond in Haleiwa.

E25 – Camp Erdman. Ron Okimoto offers the history, activities and plans for this unique YMCA located near the end of the road in Kaena.

E24 – Kayla Economou. Kayla shares her experiences working at the Capitol in 2018, her thoughts on the brain drain, and why she wanted to come home to work in local government.

E23 – Kaena Point Management. Jaime Reduenzel, outreach coordinator at Kaena Point State Park, coordinates efforts to improve the health of this remote coastal area as its popularity soars.

E22 – TerViva. William Kusch manages a North Shore farm that grows pongamia, a high yielding oilseed crop that may prove to be a valuable biofuel crop.

E21 – Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy. Bonnie Kahapea-Tanner teaches seamanship and traditional Hawaiian navigation with a double hulled canoe in Kaneohe Bay.

E20 – ALEA Bridge. Phil Acosta and his family are committed to helping address our homeless crisis in Wahiawa and the North Shore.

E10 – WAI Project. John Reppun and Barry Usegawa talk about the Waihee Ahupuaa Initiative, a planning process to protect Waihee Valley and its natural resources.

Please check out one or more of these programs and let us know what you think.

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