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Oahu Country News TV Show

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Have you seen Oahu Country News, my monthly cable TV program? Each month, or nearly every month, we invite folks into the studio to have a conversation about the good work they are performing around our district with their organizations and businesses. Senate District 23 stretches from Kaneohe to Kahuku to Kaena and Kunia Camp, so there are plenty of great people and projects to highlight.

Oahu Country News with Senator Gil Riviere is broadcast on Olelo Channel 49 on the first Sunday of each month at 9 p.m. and on Tuesday mornings at 8 a.m. It is also available on-demand on our website,, under the News and Media tab. Here is a list and brief description of programs over the last year.

Episode 41 – Kevin Kelly shares his vision and efforts with the North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership to help small farms prosper while meeting new regulatory challenges.

E40 – Learn about sharks with Dr. Carl Meyer, a renowned expert with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at Moku O Loe (Coconut Island).

E39 – Girl Scouts of Hawaii have busy building a new STEM Center and revitalizing their camp up in Pupukea. Sherry Chang describes new opportunities for Girl Scouts.

E38 – Kalona Brand Company is a new agricultural partnership created to produce value-added, niche crops like cacao and bread fruit on the North Shore. Kawika Burgess is the new director.

E37 – Kahuku High School students competed in the national finals of We the People in Washington DC. Meet Nate Strain, Jane Bradshaw, Kayla Swiderski and Taylor Magalei.

E36 – The North Shore Field School brings UH students and community volunteers together in ethnographic studies to document, preserve and honor the people of Waialua.

E35 – Outgoing director, Doug Cole, and new director Adam Borello update us on the various projects and accomplishments of the North Shore Community Land Trust.

E34 – The Kahuku Public Library is both a public library and school library. Learn about this uncommon collaboration with the two librarians, Cecile Oshima and Tamara King.

E33 – Janell Yamamoto and Daniel Carroll discuss Go Farm Hawaii, the innovative series of practical programs that educate prospective farmers on business planning and best practices.

E32 – Dr. Kawika Winter is the director at the Heeia Estuarine Research Reserve, the newest of 27 national reserves established to protect and enhance vital watersheds, mauka to makai.

E31 – Kahuku Medical Center continues to upgrade facilities, medical expertise and services. Alan MacFee, CEO of the hospital, shares his vision for even more upgrades to come.

E30 – Frankie Koethe explains how Oahu Resource Conservation & Development helps farmers with watershed restoration, technical assistance, erosion control and more.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones this Christmas and Holiday Season!

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