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Stream Maintenance

The health of our streams is everyone's concern, and stream owners have the responsibility to ensure that their portion of a stream is free from all debris that could prevent a clear waterway.  Clean streams can prevent severe damage from flooding that is caused when debris flows downstream and forms a clog in narrow parts of the stream or under a bridge.

Homeowners should remember that they can be held financially liable if improper stream management on their property causes flooding upstream or downstream that damages their neighbors' property.

More details on stream maintenance history and the clean stream program can be found here



•  Check your property deed to determine if you are a stream owner. Misplaced your deed? A copy of your deed can be obtained from the State DLNR Bureau of Conveyances located at 1151 Punchbowl St., Room 123.

•  Collect trash from the stream and stream bank area. Dispose of the trash with your refuse.

•  Haul out large debris and bulky items such as shopping carts, tires, bikes, etc., from the stream and stream bank area.

•  Cut branches and vegetation that impede stream flow.

•  Remove fallen trees, sticks and leaves from the stream and stream bank area. Remove blockages and sediment build-up that impede stream flow

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