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Wildfires are a year round hazard in Hawaii and dry conditions aggravate the risk.  Most wildfires are started by people. According to the Hawaii Emergency Management System, Hawaii's ecosystem does not adapt well to wildfire.  Local biologists have stated many native plants are only a wildfire away from extinction. 


Do your part to prevent wildfire!

  • Clear vegetation around campfires and BBQs, keep a shovel and water nearby, and make sure the fire is out COLD before walking away.

  • Be sure machinery (chainsaws, weed trimmers) and recreational vehicles have operating spark arrestors and are maintained regularly.

  • Heat from vehicle exhaust systems can ignite dry grass – park cars on areas that are paved or where vegetation is trimmed and cleared.

  • Fireworks area common cause of Brushfire in dry, grassy areas. Attend fireworks displays by trained professionals and do not play with fireworks in dry, grassy areas.

  • Avoid these activities when it’s windy or when grass and brush are dry!



More tips on preparing for wildfires can be found here.  

Click here to see how to become a Firewise Community.


Tips and tools for wildfire threats in Hawaii can be found in this action guide: Ready, Set, Go! Hawaii: Your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide.


Learn more at Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization.

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